Choosing the Right Telescope for Your Astronomy Journey

The universe is a vast and astonishing place, and exploring it through the lens of a telescope can be both relaxing and breathtaking. However, choosing a telescope for beginners can be overwhelming because many options are available. If you learn about different telescope sizes, types and mounts, choosing a telescope that fits your budget and is helpful to you will be easier.

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Main Parts of a Telescope

Necessary specifications of a telescope

1. Aperture

A telescope’s aperture refers to its primary lens’s size (diameter). The bigger the lens, the more light it can capture, which means the image will have more detail, sharpness, better contrast and more colours. The aperture size is usually measured in millimetres.

2. Focal length

The focal length of a telescope is the distance that light travels from the primary mirror to the exit pupil. It is measured in millimetres and typically ranges from 400 mm to 1500 mm for most home telescopes. The focal length is not crucial when choosing a telescope because it can be changed using accessories.

3. Magnification

Magnification is how much bigger the image appears through the telescope. It’s like zooming in with a camera but with much higher levels of zoom. To calculate the magnification, divide the telescope’s focal length by the eye piece’s focal length.

4. Other Specifications

The Focal Ratio of a telescope is the focal length divided by its aperture.

The resolution of a telescope is a measure of its ability to separate closely-spaced objects.

Resolving Power = 116/D (in arcseconds) where D is the aperture of the telescope (in millimetres)

Types of telescopes


use an objective lens to capture light


use a mirror to capture light


uses a combination of lenses and mirrors


The Mount connects the telescope to the tripod or stand. It is used to rotate and point the telescope in different directions. The two main types of mounts are Alt-Azimuth (AZ) and Equatorial (EQ) mounts.


You don’t have to purchase additional accessories because all telescopes have everything you need.


To purchase a telescope, budget according to the quality and features you need.


Looking up at the night sky is one of the best things in life, and having the right telescope can make this experience even better.

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